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Throttled CPU Clock Speed?


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Noticed today that my gen8 was performing pretty badly, when I decided to look into it I discovered that the CPU was stuck at 0.26 GHZ and all the processes that are running say that they are utilising 0% despite this clearly not being true. I've had an I3 2120 installed for around the last 6 months now and had no issues whatsoever until now. Although I suspect that the problem may not be with the CPU. The only thing I have discovered up to now is that the CPU temperature remains static on the ILO at 40 degrees despite putting it under some stress tests. Does this seem normal? The ILO doesn't state that there is anything wrong with the sensor but that feels like the only feasible cause of this up to now. Please let me know if any of you guys have had this before, any help at all to get this resolved would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I've attached a picture of the issue. Thanks again.


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Hi I have same problem with my gen 8 microserver, I have xenon 1265 lv2 45w, temperature are fine, but I have installed insider sever 2016 but I have not noticed such behavior before, but also notice some performance problem before on stable build so its seems that windows is not problem. weird thing

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I sorted mine quickly after posting this topic. Turned out the the power settings changed to 'Ultra power saving' after a windows update which caused the problem... First thing I should have checked really... Try looking at that.

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Hi that slowness occurs only after server reboot, but I have not able to fix it with power management, I have to run hwinfo utility and CPU got normal speed, after that also power management start working normally can this have some interaction with latest bios with meltdown patches? I don't know

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I had the same problem. The solution that worked for me was to change the Power Regular Settings to "OS Control Mode" in ILO. Hope this helps.



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On 1/10/2020 at 7:43 AM, Joggi said:

I had the same problem. The solution that worked for me was to change the Power Regular Settings to "OS Control Mode" in ILO. Hope this helps.


You're a star! I inherited a Gen8 recently (I already have one that I use with ESXi) which I wanted to use as a Hyper-V host. I moved my P212 RAID card over from my Gen7, upgraded to 8GB RAM, added an SSD to port5, booted to the Gen8.1 SPP and upgraded BIOS/FW, installed win 10 Pro on the SSD, installed the Hyper-V service and then installed a VM. 


The VM installed slowly and had some errors, eventually got it up and running but the guest VM CPU was constantly 100% and showed the correct Ghz of the CPU but the host OS showed 0.25Ghz. I had already set the host to Performance mode but your tip seems to have got it all working finally!

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      Recenty i decided to check my CPU frequency (in ubuntu and in the EFI) and i realised that it only runs at 1.6Ghz max even though specifications claims that it can go up to 3.0Ghz.
      Do you know if there is something i can do about it? I´ve already called HPE to ask for help but the only answer i got was "we do not support overclock" even though it´s not overclock because the values are withing the factory limits that they claim it can work.
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      I was extremely careful of placement. Putting anything in the middle of the heatsink fins (anything holding the fans) could cause heat spots and that's not something I wanted the put my new processor through. So I managed to cable tie the fans to the screws holding the heatsink to the motherboard. Again being careful as to not apply too much pressure to the screws.
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