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Home Server SMART Classic 1001 Error HP495


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I'm trying to install Home Server SMART Classic ( on an HP495 running WHS V1. 


It keeps getting an error of 1001.  Stating that it could not start the dnhsSmart service.    Once you Ok that error it rolls back the install and gives a 1603 error.


I'm lost as what to do.   I have restated the box and it didn't seem to help.   Other updates have installed fine. 


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Update here:


This was an ebay purchase and it seemed the previous owner got a little carried away and had deleted a lot of stuff on the server. Even the whs connector was deleted.   I performed a restore on the server and I was able to get the add-in to load.  


I loaded the SMART addin before any of the three HP Media server updates were loaded (301433083 , 32134990, 33135433) so I don't know if this made a difference.

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