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Installation media, WHS v1

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Just want to thank @Ikon-TNG for helping me out, he ripped the discs into ISO's and got them to me.


Will now try to get this H340 back online, if anyone stumbles across this thread in future msg me/reply here and i'll pay it forward.



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Hello, (sorry for using the translator) I know this is an old topic, but I got from Acer H340 friend unfortunately no hdd and no installation discs. Unfortunately neither acer nor microsoft are interested in help, so all hope for recovery of the WHS v1 system. Thank you in advance for your help and best regards

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      Xbox Video sucks just as much as Xbox Music. Would someone PLEASE make a video player that not only does a good job of playing videos, but also organizing them? Right now Xbox Video takes all your movies and tv shows and throws them all into "other". EXPlay was coming along nicely, but still needed improvement to be functional and now the dev has dropped off the planet. We now have StormPlay, which has some bugs, but he is trying and working hard to iron them out. But we need options. It should look nice I'm a metro-way also, and do a good job of putting movies together and then splitting your tv shows into their respective shows and seasons. Like os said before, eXPlay was looking great and used artwork from each movie and show as backgrounds as you searched through them. It got its information from tvdb and IMDB. Unfortunately the API for those sites has changed sometime ago, leaving that app crippled and the dev seems no where to be found. This is ridiculous though that 7 months later, we are asking for basic media organizational abilities. Don't even get me started on Xbox Music.
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      Hey has anyone every used a Thecus N5810 Pro.
      Looks nice, am I over looking anything.  
      I will include a video from youtube about it.
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      Well I received my shield on Saturday and immediately hooked it up.
      1. Setup was painless.
      2. The performance was amazing.  By far the quickest I have seen from any media playback device.
      3. Playback quality was great.  I did not see any issues and it played every bit as good as my HTPC.
      4. DTS-Ma audio pass through perfectly to the reciever.
      1. TrueHD sound tracks still not supported which means 30% of my existing movies do not pass through the receiver and end up playing as PCM not the native sound track.
      2. Audio controls are a bit quirky in Plex.  There seems to be an overlap in functionality and they do not necessarily behave as you would expect.
      Once again we have another one of these devices that claims pass through that does not work correctly.  Yes it is the closest I have seen yet but it is not quite there yet.  Not sure if I am going to keep this.
    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      As some of you may know I am currently using SageTV. I have had it running in my house for a couple years now and I currently use SageTV7 w/ 2 extenders. The extender in my living room (HD300) is starting to give me problems. I may be able to mess around with it and get it to work but I need it to work reliably for my family.
      We primarily use the SageTV system to serve ripped DVD movies off the WHS. The SageTV basic DVD movie list is perfect for my 5 year old son. He will stand next to our TV and tell us UP or Down to search for the movie he wants to view. This interface is very basic but it does include the DVD cover art if I have included it with the DVD rip. I also have 2 HD Homeruns that I can use with SageTV to get OTA digital programming.
      Many of you are Media Center users and I am trying to figure out if that is the right choice for me.
      Overall in my house I use media in the following ways:
      1. Primary programming is from DirecTV. I have a HD-DVR in my living room and HD tuner boxes in the kitchen and master bedroom. The whole system is connected as a DTV Whole Home system so I can watch any recordings off the DVR in the kitchen or master bedroom.
      2. DVD Rips - I used my WHS v1 server to store all my ripped DVDs. I was using MyMovies on the server to pull in cover art but the database became corrupt. I am actually open to using something different.
      3. DVD viewing - Currently using SageTV 7. I have the server on my desktop PC and I am using 2 extenders. HD300 Media Theatre in my living room connected to a 55" plasma and a HD200 in my kids play area connected to a conventional 20 something inch TV.
      4. Sound - I do not own any surround sound systems or anything like that so that is not a primary concern. I would like to have one but my setup isn't really conducive to using a surround sound system.
      Overall I liked the idea of SageTV with a central server and extenders. My problem now is the hardware problems I am starting to see and no real news from the new owners (Google) as to the future. Is it time to start looking at another system?
      I know there are many other options out there including WMC, XBMC, MythTV, etc. I could also just use a stand alone media player where I wanted to watch DVDs. However, I have heard that the user interface is not necessarily that nice to look at.
      I am curious what you all think. All comments welcome!

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