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HP Microserver Gen 8 wont start


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My HP Microserver Gen 8 wont start anymore.

The power button keeps blinking green after i insert the power cable. At the back of the mothboard there is also a blinking green led.

ILO doesnt report anything wrong.

I disabled the ambient temp sensor and did an NVRAM reset.

I tried a different mem module.

Anyone an idea of what could be wrong?

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What mean "wont start"? Never power-on or never boot? Fans working or not? POST messages appeared on the screen or not?

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I'm in the same boat.

I've replaced the battery and no start, no errors in iLo, nothing, no fans.


I've followed he chart and the recommandation was to remove the battery for 5 minutes.


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I was able to access Ilo and no errors reported.

I've pulled the MB battery for 15 minutes and I've replaced with the one from my car key.

I've restarted the server and It's working perfectly!

The old batttery was completly dead!


Thank you!

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