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HP Proliant ML350p G8 Watercooling!


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Hey guys, been reading thru this thread, and decided to join up!


My setup:

    HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8 (duh) Rackmount Server
    2x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2630 6 Core 2.30 GHz
    96 GBs ECC Ram
    8x 300GB SAS Drives
    (all bought as is for $850 (AUS) from a local IT store selling it on ebay!)


The twin core, and the 96GBs of RAM is what really sold this to me… plus, the addition of the 8 SAS Drives wasn’t too bad either.


RAM Issue:


I noticed that the RAM ever second boot cycle came up with an error.  I eventually figured out that it was one particular RAM module that was effecting a whole bank (3 DIMMS lit up with errors, and when I moved the problem module, to another bank, the problematic module caused the same errors for the following 2 DIMM modules…).  So, no biggy, going to take the RAM module back to the IT store to replace/swap!


CPU upgrading:


One thing I didn’t see mentioned was upgrading CPU’s to V2’s.  I’ve come to realise with the new firmware updates from HP, you are able to upgrade from 2600 Xeon’s, to the 2600 v2’s – meaning cores higher than 8, and higher clocks… (and temps!) :D




Has anyone followed thru with this CPU upgrade?


I have updated my server to the newest firmware (I believe) from the bootable ISO: (P03093_001_spp-Gen8.1-SPPGen81.4.iso) bringing me up to firmware version 2.7…3… I think? (I’ll have to check that when i get home!)


From what I understand, the latest SPP update, includes the ability to use v2 Xeon, correct?

I couldn’t find anywhere that definitively answers this.

I also wanted to know if anyone has upgraded their system using the G10 service pack… I’m trying to find where I read that it was possible, tho, I doubt it (I mean, it’s completely different hardware… unless there were some Bios/iLO upgrades?)

Can anyone clarify if it’s possible to upgrade to the Gen10 SPP and if so, why and what are the benefits?




I’ve been following the guides you’ve been sharing with the 'quietening' upgrades! I was considering water-cooling mine… but, seeing as easier it is to go down with the old-skool tried and tested method of 'heatsink and fan', I think I’m gonna be going down that route!

Mind if I pick your brain JamesT when the time comes mate? :D

I’m not a hunderpercent confident on the soldering side of things – I’ve done it before, it doesn’t look pretty, but it does the job :D I think it’s more the fans, placement mounting that im a little hesitant about.

I’m gonna order two of those sockets holder assemblies you purchased (unless you know of a better way! And order some 2011 heatsink and Noc’ fans to match.  Im still undecided about how to go about the 4 main fans tho…

If i set the fans on the CPU heatsink to 100%(or just power them directly), will the BIOS think that there’s something wrong with the system fan’s, and spit out an error?

I’m still a little confused as to what will (and wont) happen with regards to that... If not, i can start with just having the heatsink and fans, keeping the original fans connected (and only a little loud!) whilst i work out how i'm going to replace them...!


8 x SAS HDD's:


So, the system came with 8 300GB SAS HDD's (the 2.5" variety) and was wondering what to do with them... they're the 10K proper performance SAS type drives... should i keep them in RAID 0 using the HP p420 RAID controller, and use it as a swap/spare drive? (if it looses data, i won't be concerned) OR.. IT mode it, and integrate it with TrueNAS? I figured, keeping it in RAID, means less strain or work for TrueNAS, considering TrueNAS just sees it as another disk?




I have also bought 2 Dell external SAS controllers, and installed them – both will be connecting to an external JBOD.  The external JBOD is actually my old Plex server case with the HDD’s still in there, I figured no reason to spend more money on equipment ;)


I have also bought a PCIE card from amazon that takes the apple only standard of their 2013 M.2 SSD’s, so as to use it as normal M.2 Sata – great bang for buck, otherwise I probably would have turfed 2 of these old 256GB SSD’s that are great SSD’s and put them to use as L2arc drive cache in my server!


If anyone wants links to anything, please lemme know! 

My g8: (air duct shroud removed)


Apologies for the loooong post... but i'm "working" during lockdown, so i was REALLY bored... :P

P.S. I'm in Sydney Australia - if anyone's close by, give'us a shout! :D



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