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HP Proliant ML350p G8 Watercooling!

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High Bruno welcome to the club. I hope you do take the time to follow trough and publish your modifications as weel so we can all learn from each other.


Just for all of you to know I just succeeded under Proxmox in passing trough a PCIE Slot with an LSI HBA Controller into a Freenas VM.

Yes I'm running Freenas virtualized and am happy with it.  You can find the topic here.

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Hi all,   We decided to go a different route with the ML350 and picked up a set of Noctua NH-U9DX i4 coolers which come with the correct mounting hardware for 2011 Narrow ILM. These have pro

Hi all,    I think it has been mentioned previously that pwm for the fans is BIOS controlled, this has some interesting implications, some theory, some tested and confirmed.    The

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and came across this thread while searching how to make the fans quieter on my G8 ML350p. I bought it second hand last December and have slowly been upgrading it. 


Originally came with 1x E5-2620 (6 core, 15MB cache), 24GB ram. Now has 128GB of ram (8x 16GB sticks), plus a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. Upgraded the CPU to E5-2660 (8 core, 20MB cache). All 128GB of ram is allocated to CPU 1. I scored the 2260 CPUs as a pair, but only have one heatsink at the moment. 


Managed to install Win10 without any of the issues other seem to be having. Powering the GPU was a challenge. The 460W PSUs didn't have the juice to do it, so I've currently got a separate 1000W ATX supply powering just the GPU, with the motherboard sense on the PSU jumpered. 


To do, in no particular order:


1. The fan mods on this thread.

2. Install second 2660 CPU, and reallocate ram 64/64 even split. This will require getting the correct heatsink, or sourcing an aftermarket one, or modding something.

3. USB 3.0/3.1 PCI card and front panel.

4. Swap out the 460W PSUs for 1200W versions, so I can remove the ATX bodge-job.

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Hello everyone.

I'm thinking of completing the HD bays, completing the two bays that come empty. Does anyone know any place that sells cage (660351-001) at an affordable price?

Converting from USD to BRL would be cheaper if I buy another server here, or sell mine.


Ps: in time, did anyone make a mod to use the 18 discs?



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      Hi! I am planning to buy a Microserver Gen10 Plus E-2224 for a small business, and want to add as much disk space as possible. I already have the older Gen10 with 4x4TB HDDs in RAID10 (effective capacity 8TB) and a 2TB SSD in the 5th slot (which is missing on the new G10 plus). The max stated capacity on the HPE site seems to be limited with their own enterprise HDDs, so I'd like to see if I can go for bigger disks. The server would be running a sort of an application which collects lots of data from devices, and the data tends to grow over time (1-2TB per year), and I'd prefer not to worry about the capacity for the next several years.
      My primary concern is the max capacity (max single drive capacity + max total RAID capacity with the Smart Array S100i) I can reliably install. If possible, some actual setup which has been shown to work with 32GB RAM and its limited 180W power supply? I was also planning on upgrading it to 32GB. If I am buying a 16GB RAM server, does this means it has both slots occupied with 8GB modules and I need a 2x32GB kit? For the os SSD, I won't have the PCIe slot available because we need to insert a certain GPS PCIe card that the server uses for time synchronization. So, if I want an SSD, this means I should use something like 1xSSD + 3xHDD in RAID5, instead of RAID10?  
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      Does anyone know if it is possible to get Agentless Management Service (AMS) running on Debian/Ubuntu Linux? It is always showing as Not Available in the iLO page and I have only ever seen this active in Windows.
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      Hey guys,
      Has anyone around here been successful in setting up Proxmox on a Gen8 using a HBA for storage?
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      Hey guys,
      As of June 2020, what are the latest versions of firmware for HP Microserver Gen8 to be installed on the system itself? Also do any other components have updatable firmware/os-independent software?
      So far my list is as follows:
      BIOS - J06 (04/04/2019) iLO 4 - v2.73 (11/02/2020) Intelligent Provisioning - v1.71 (20/02/2019)  
      and I guess the following could also be added (although both out of date):
      Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) - v8.1.0 (21/12/2017) Service Pack for ProLiant (06/11/2017)  
      Date formated as DD/MM/YYYY.
      I believe all the B120i Smart Storage stuff is part of Intelligent Provisioning.
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      Hey guys, 
      Bit of a random question here, and I know it depends on many factors such as what they are doing etc, but how many VMs have you guys comfortably ran on Gen8 with an E3-1265v2 and 16GB RAM? When did you start to see a performance hit compared to what the Gen8 is generally capable of?

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