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HP Proliant ML350p G8 Watercooling!

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Thank you for that!


What I currently have completed is stripping the two ground and the one PWM wire (from a 4 pin sata power cable with the same color layout that plugs snugly into the female socket ignoring the blue frequency wire. Didn't want to cut any wires on the fan chassis just in case it didn't work) and put a twist on wire connector on the ends with shrink tube holding all 3 wires together. 


Did this to the first fan in the assembly and tested it with FAN1 removed and everything is working as expected! 


One thing I do not understand is how the PWM signal is being spoofed with no hardware/software manipulation and checking the speed of FAN1 via SpeedFan, the RPM of FAN1 is the same as all the other fans (just curious). 😐


Never the less I will be working on this further over the weekend, installing four new 2500 RPM fans at 31 dB (Scythe DFS922512M-PWM) and creating a custom fan shroud in order to have the two fans in the middle push air directly through the CPU's for better temps. A type of wind tunnel effect. I have heavy heat temp graded thin plastic that should work perfectly for the design. Hopefully that will keep things cool. Will do a couple monitored stress tests in order to make sure that the fans can handle the workload. 


Will keep you posted with photos. 


Thank you! 


HP_ProLiant_Ml350p_G8_Fan Shroud Design.jpg

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