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HP Proliant ML350p G8 Watercooling!

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Hi all, Thought I would make a post about a recent project I started as it may be of some use as it's a fairly good base for a home server.


I recently bought a HP Proliant ML350p G8 on eBay for around $350, It had no drives, a very low spec E5-2609 4-core and 8GB of ram.


My first problem with this server was that it was loud, not really rack mount loud but too loud for me in a quiet room. So I thought hey! why not watercool it, so I set out doing research. I removed all three 92mm delta fans and spent an evening working out how to fool the system into thinking it still had them so it would let me boot it and see that all the fans were working, this was done using jumper cables in the hot plug slots; connecting the two black grounds and the single yellow signal pins together in each 5-pin header, there was no documentation on this anywhere that I could find so it was all trial and error, I hope this helps if you are considering watercooling any G8/G9 Proliant server as I imagine its fairly similar.


I also wanted a bit more punch so I had a look around and settled for a E5-2630v2 6-core from eBay for $70


Next was sourcing watercooling for it, I have gone for a single closed loop Corsair H90 $65 and a Asetek 2011 Narrow ILM ring adaptor $8 found HERE to fit the 2011 sockets found on the ML350, these bits are being delivered in the next few days so I will update with photos and results when the H90 is fitted! I might get another 2630v2 if all goes well as it has two 2011 sockets available.


This box will be used as a development environment eventually, probably running Hyper-V but I may throw a graphics card in it before and see how it does in some games just for the fun of it ;)  


Hope this is of interest.




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Do you have any pictures of all the mods?

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Also interested in watercooling my dual E5-2650 V1. Where do you plan to connect the pump and fan?




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A follow up would be nice.

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As suspected, a spam post.

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I don't know if it is spam. I recently sold a couple of these servers basically because it was too loud for my new house. I told that to the guy and he told me DragonPc had water cooling kits that fit into them. It is a pc shop in New Zealand. I just tried to find my conversation with him because he did send me a pic of the part number

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Hi all, I have been busy recently moving house and all sorts so sorry for not replying, I'm not sure who spams about G8 watercooing haha!


A pre built kit sounds like a great idea would love to hear more about that!


I ended up getting a H100i V2, unfortunately I needed to take the socket apart a little bit to get the block to sit flush but it worked.


The only issue I had was the ram getting quite hot without airflow, so I'm going to tackle that when I get some time. I have the assembly zip tied up right now temporarily but the plan is to mount the radiator to the door and cut some perforated holes to allow it to breathe.


I replaced the PSU fan with a Noctua as the old one had a very annoying buzz.













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Hi all,


We decided to go a different route with the ML350 and picked up a set of Noctua NH-U9DX i4 coolers which come with the correct mounting hardware for 2011 Narrow ILM. These have proven to be even better than water-cooling in this chassis as they create airflow and direct all the warm air out the back of the chassis. We are planning on adding a few 92mm noctua fans in the existing fan cage to help cool the ram and graphics but as it stands it works perfectly.



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Hey Ryan, 


Very nice setup! Looks efficient in regards to CPU cooling. 


I'm working on a ML350P G8 as well and just ordered myself 4 2,500 RPM that will replace the loud deltas in the fan housing (same size with 4 pin, PWM support). 


Question. How did you wire the Noctua NH-U9DX i4 fans in order to work with the mobo properly without getting any post fan faults? 


I'm under the impression during boot/post the fans ramp up to 50% (5,500 rpm and slow down after OS boot) and with most fans that run slower that 5,000 RPM the mobo will spit out errors and will go into thermal shutdown thinking the fans are faulty. Please correct me if this is not the case. 


Much appreciated. 


Thank you. 


-Denis K-

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Hi Denis,


You are indeed right the ML will not post with anything other than the stock delta fans as I tried to swap them first with no success as it would shut down instantly with fan errors.


The ML delta fans are actually 5 pin using a dual ground for fan detection.


I'm using a Corsair Commander Pro fan controller which uses sata power and USB for PWM control via the Corsair LINK drivers.


To make the ML work with no fans you have to fool it into thinking it has original fans I did this by spending a few days testing how the system detects fan speed. 


The ML has 4 fan bays and for each of these bays you need to cut both black ground wires on the back of the plug and connect them together and then also cut the yellow signal wire and simply connect it to any piece of bare chassis, I used the small metal prongs holding down the wires in the fan cage.


You can then use the Corsair or any fan controller to power your new fans.


If you have any questions or if I didn't explain it well enough please shout :)



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