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D-Link iSCSI SAN's


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Found this on the STH forum:

eBay seller with DSN-4100 ($150) and DSN-4200 ($200) iSCSI SAN shipping is $70. Older technology, but NIB:





16 drive bays, support for SATA-II (3-Gbps) or SAS drives (up to 6-Gbps)
DSN-4100: Four 1GbE data ports
DSN-4200: Eight 1GbE data ports

RAID-0: Stripe (up to 16 members)
RAID-1: Mirror (2 members)
RAID-5: Parity (up to 17 members)
RAID-10: Stripe/Mirror (up to 32 members)
JBOD: includes concatenation of multiple physical drives


This could be a good fit if you have a lot of drives or could be a nice way to decouple your storage from your VM server.


I am sure these are very loud!

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