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Network cards in "Safely Remove HW list"???

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As in screenshot the Network cards of the Gen10 are shown in the removable list... As you can see I have the latest drivers and firmware for the two cards. This is a very annoying issue since you can accidentally lose network connectivity while ejecting an external USB device.


FYI the four disks installed at the front bays (Marvell controller) had the same issue but I fixed it by following MS's article:



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Windows Server 2016 Std, b1607.


I opened a ticket to HPE but after a bunch of useless back and forth emails they said its the OS... (surprise!).


I found the solution myself yesterday and will post the steps later on.

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- Go to "Device Manager" and right click "Properties" of the Network Card 

- Go to Tab "Details", Property "Device Instance Path" and copy the last number (after the last "\")

- Go to registry to the path "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI"

- Search for the value that you have copied earlier (from the Device Instance Path)

- Look at the right pane: you will see a REG_DWORD named "Capabilities" with the value "14" (Hexadecimal).    Change it to "10". If you get a permissions error you will have to change ownership to the specific key and put your account to have full control.

- Do the exact same for the key exactly below (the other network card of the Gen10)

Note that after reboot the value reverts to default (14) so:

- Create a reg file e.g. removenetwork.reg with contents (change to your values  accordingly):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



- Create a batch file e.g. remove.bat with contents:

reg import your path\removenetwork.reg

Create a Schedule task to run this batch file when you a user logs on...


That's it!







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  • 2 months later...

This has been finally fixed (for both network & disks) with BIOS ZA10A350 released on 28 May 2018!

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