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VM ram usage

Guest Amulos

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Guest Amulos

hi all


Looking for a little advice about ram usage on a VM. All was well until recently when it changed for no apparent reason- also get discrepancies in the reporting of ram usage.


Set up- Host machine is microserver gen 8 with 16gb ram running server 2012 r2

VM is running server 2012 r2 as well with 8gb ram on start up and dynamic memory assigned up to 8gb.


Issue- the Hyper v manager on the host reports that current memory demand is 2001 mb with 2502 mb assigned, however in the VM the task manager reports that 8gb is assigned and 90% in use- there's nothing  running other than Plex that inst doing anything, if you add up all the running processes in the VM for RAM usage (for a ball park figure) it matches what the host is reporting as in use? why the difference i reporting?


For some reason it had never run like this and I've always used dynamic memory in the same VM for a number of years it always reported usage in the VM task manager that matched the current demand in the hyper manager on the host.


Sorry for the long and probably not very clear description of the issue, does anyone have any pointers about how remedy this- i've done a few googles and none seem to match my exact issue. 


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Ive added files to show what i mean. Dont worry about the massively high max mem available - i set it high to test

VM task manager.jpg

Host hyper V manager.jpg

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