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ESXi Lab - Networking Help


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Hi guys, I'm looking for a little help regarding the networking on my Esxi lab.

I have 2 identical HP Gen8 boxes, running ESXi 5.5. Both have dual NIC's and are all connected to the same switch. (This switch is the one I use for all my other devices around the house)


At present, my setup is as follows:

Home router:

ESXi Host 1:

ESXi Host 2:


vSwitch0 > vmnic0 (external network

vSwitch1 > vmnic1 (internal network


This means I can access the hosts via web client/thick client from my desktop machine.


Both hosts are configured with a vSwitch0 and vSwitch1 which maps to physical adapters vmnic0 and vmnic1 respectively. vSwitch1 allow the VM's to be on their own 'private' network and are on the subnet.  They are also contactable across both hosts.


I am planning on standing up a Server 2k12 VM and presenting the storage as an iSCSI datastore.   The question I have is what do I need to do from a networking perspective on both the VM and the hosts, in order for me to get this working?


I hope that makes sense!

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