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windows phone 7 shipped 1.5 million to date

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Time will tell, but hopefully it won't be a good mobile OS

that lingers a la WebOS. I am due to renew in about 6 weeks,

but probably won't go that route, because they just don't have

the apps I need. Also the reason I will leave Android if the

iPhone comes to VZW. I don't want to like the iPhone for many

reasons, but it has all the apps I require. Even my wife dislikes

Steve Jobs for being so smug.

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How quaint. I had my MSI Wind netbook and a 2nd nonfunctional unit that was struck by lightning

up for sale on EBay. It was listed as hackintosh compatible, and had a screenshot of my Mac OSX

install on it. The auction however included only the stock drive and the stock XP install. With

the auction ended and the unit not selling for enough for me to get rid of it I receive an e-mail

from EBay tonight. At the request of a verified vendor (Apple) the auction had been removed (it was

over anyway) due to a violation of their license agreement. Guess he was mad OSX would run on

such inferior equipment?

It's okay. Win7 Ultimate looks and runs great on the wind, OSX, not so much.

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There was a post within Paul Thurrott's blog yesterday that Microsoft and Nokia are supposedly in some sort of secret development.

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