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Seagate Head Parking Perm Disable


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Something interesting here


How to disable constant head parking on Seagate Drives at the drive level
if you disable apm it gets reset on every powerup of the device but by following the guide
it gets saved to the drive




The only thing missing is after doing step 15
power back up and goto

Select "Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) Menu", <Enter>
then reset Device Configuration Overlay
this resets the drive values back to before you started messing
but apm is still set as disabled..


Confirmed working on the following for me

2 x Momentus Thin ST320LT007-9ZV142 FW 0005DEM1
3 x Barracuda 7200.12 ST3000DM001-9YN166 FW CC82

Havnt Tried Yet but hoping it will work and will report back
Spinpoint M9T needs to be set to apm 254 not disabled as parking still happens when apm is disabled

Spinpoint M9T
ST2000LM003 HN-M201RAD
FW 2BC10003,2BC10006,2BC10007,2BC10008,2BE10001

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Oh dont just go blindly doing this on any old seagate drive

actually confirm that the drive overparks


2012-2015 seagates nearly all of them park over the top and need doing

but late 2016+2017 models they have finally woken up and fixed this

maybe they got sick of the rma's for failed heads..


whilst i realise this isnt for everyone i have been looking for a solution for a pile of my seagates since 2013

and have only now stumbled onto the fix someone found in late 2015


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