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Ouch. So:

- the switch isn't working

- cables not working

- drivers not properly installed

- ?


My idea about subnets is I think a red herring: SMB Multichannel should  work on client and server OOTB.


If you have a spare 1GB switch replace the 10GB switch. This will show whether SMB MC is working.

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All working using W10 machines.  Did not work with Server 2012R2E OS.  Probably a driver issue with the 10G NIC.

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Extremely late to the post here but wanted to share some of the experiences I had.  I also used the Asus NIC along with a NetgearGS110EMX, and then a QNAP QSW-1208-8C-US and had several weird issues that range from not being able to access devices to other random events.  It was worse when I used the Asus driver and worked moderately better with windows native drivers but neither was acceptable.  I replaced it with an OEM Intel card and all my issues went away and gained about 20-25% in performance.  As I now have multiple systems with 10G, I still use the Asus cards in my backup/Plex server where it is more of a single purpose and seems to work fine.  I am running on the native windows 10 drivers.  I realize the Intel cards are quite a bit more but if you are investing in 10G, consider spending a bit more and minimize issues.  If anyone is interested, the link shows my existing configuration.




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+1 for intel cards, both wired and wireless they have never failed me, even where others have not worked, Intel have been flawless

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