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My latest PC build having a 10G nic, I bought a 10G card for my server and a 10G switch and set them up as per diagram. Both the PC and the server connections to the 10G switch show the 10G LED color but I cannot get 10G speeds.


Any thoughts!? I see I have the NICs wrongly labeled.  I do have the 10G NICs connected to the 10G switch.


10G server card is ASUS XG-C100C - Aquantia to match the aquantia in the PC.

Switch is a netgear XS505M

All 10G cables are Cat6A

10G Network.jpg

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I have never messed around with 10G. Qwestions-


1) Is that a typo on your diagram? It looks like you have the 1G NICs going to the 10G switch and the 10G NICs going to the 1G switch. Never mind this question, I see it's a typo.

2) How are you testing the speed? If you could get a 4K file and do a file copy you should be seeing roughly 610MB/s is the best your going to get with that Asus card according to my resirch. The Intel the (gold standard) will get you around 825MB/s


3) What is the speed your seeing?

4) could your hard drives be the bottleneck? Check the read & write speeds of the drives in both systems, Your not going to go faster then that..


5) Are the drives SSD's or spinners?

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2) I started with simple ping from the CMD.  I get no ping via the 10G

3) ditto

4-5) ditto - I only have 960 pros in the desktop and enterprise spinning drives in the file server

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Why do you have two network connections for each device? As stated above, I would drop the 1Gb connections.

If I remember correctly I got around 1100MB/s testing point to point. You need to setup ramdisk to test.


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Another non-networking-expert offering tentative suggestions.


1. One problem at a time. I'd remove the 1G NIC's and try to copy a large video file from the SSD on the PC to the SSD on the server.

2. "Multiple NIC's in a Windows PC" would seem to me to qualify for a project under the boss' Looking for Creators idea. I suspect there are many forum members who would like information on this topic.

3. Researching - and documenting the results of your research - starting at (say) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/175767/how-multiple-adapters-on-the-same-network-are-expected-to-behave would seem to be essential.

4. Wild guess. use 2 subnet masks directing external traffic to the lesser NIC and high bandwidth local traffic to the greater NIC.

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Correct and good points, I have seen where someone had two NICs plugged in on the same subnet and that caused problems. Great suggestions here and an interesting topic.


For a nice review comparing the Asus to the Intel X540T with benchmarks, Check it out

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16 hours ago, mattb75 said:

What happens if you disconnect the server and the pc from the 24port 1G Switch - just leaving the 10G connections in place?

If I remove the 1G nics from the setup I cannot ping the server over the 10G nics and I loose access to the world.

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