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Is a High Frame-rate Always a Must for Effective Video Surveillance?


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Security of any kind is an interesting topic. I am always looking for ways to better protect my family & properties and refine what I am already using. I have a huge interest in surveillance and I am always second guessing how I have things setup for friends and family. As the title says "Is a High Frame-rate Always a Must for Effective Video Surveillance?"  The short answer is it depends on the scene your monitoring, This is a great short article on the subject. The shorter take is the human eye perceives real-time as 15 fps so should we  be viewing & recording everything @30 fps? In most case as I understand it no, Your just wasting band-width and storage.


1) What is your take on the subject?

2) Is your IP cameras multi-stream?

3) Do you view live in a lower resolution and record in a higher resolution? (I only use cameras that support multi-stream)

4) If so whats your settings?  ex: what resolution and frame rate do you use for live view vs recording for everyday normal traffic scenes??

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High frame rate isnt really a must, as you say, depends on scene.

Cameras are either 2 or 3 streams.

Live view usually in D1@half FPS of main stream

Depending on where the camera is going, generally, motion detect, 720p (4mp cameras), 12fps, vbr, ~1500kb/s,or constant record, still 720p, 6fps vbr ~1500.  I do have some sites with 5mp fisheyes, 8mp 4k, mickies, 960h's...

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