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Recommendations for sub$200 GPU

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I been running a CTX Geforce 750ti for a few years, but a couple of times in the last few months Win10 lost the Nvidia drivers and reverted to the MS default. Reinstalling usually fixed the problem, until this weekend.

It lost the driver again and I've tried installing three different versions of the drivers and none of them will stay and work. A couple of times the drivers looked like the stayed but then black screened. after rebooting I would be back to the MS default driver again.


So I'm fed up and want to get a new card, I'm leaning toward AMD and my budget in $150 - around $200. I don't play games on the PC, but I do some video editing, CAD and image editing. I currently run 2 1080p monitors and want to support a future 4k display. Does any one have any recommendations that they would like to make?

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So all gaming GPU are too expensive due to mining. You can get a RX 550 with tHE memory for $129, these had been under $100, or a RX 560 4GB for $159, these had been $129, at NewEgg.
Your target uses bring up the question, would you be better off with a workstation card? Dell and HP still ship a lot of them in workstations, but many times they get pulled and you can find them cheap on eBay. I need a low profile card with two DP ports W2100 are $120 new, but you can find pulls on eBay for $50 to $75.
W4300 are under $200 on eBay.
The big question is what would be better for your use case, gaming card or workstation card.

As to your current problem, have you checked for firmware updates for the GTX 750i?

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Amazon has 2gb and 4gb RX550 cards at a decent price. One ships in a few days and another is backordered. If you're not in a hurry it's a good card.

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I messed with the drives some more yesterday, and after uninstalling all of the Nvidia driver software and rebooting a couple of times Windows installed it's version of the drivers and I got dual monitor support back with no black screening. But as soon as I install Nvidia's driver software it breaks again.

So I have functional state back, but I'm going to move to an AMD card, at least I'm not in as much of a rush. From what I have read AMD is supported better with video acceleration in Vegas Pro and bumping up to 4gb of ram from 2 will help with 4K (Not that I do much with that right now).

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