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OK, so I spend too much time searching on CL and I spend too much money on old hardware. I noticed there are several older, 2-4-year-old, gaming computers for sale. The graphic cards in these maybe too old or not fast enough to mine profitably, but for the price they could be a nice desktop system if you are in need. Various configs, here is an example, asking $400:
Case: Corsiar carbide 100r mid atx case with usb 3.0 and windows (modified for water cooling)
Motherboard: Asus rog crosshair v formula z am3+ motherboard (the best am3+ motherboard)
Processor: AMD FX 9590 8 core cpu @ 4.7-5.0ghz turbo (the best and final fx cpu)
Video Card: MSI r9 270x 2gb ddr5 vram
Memory: Pny xlr8 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram (black)
Storage: Hitachi 1tb (1000gb) 7200rpm mechanical hdd
Optical: TS multi dvd-rw/dl burner with lightscribe
Network: Gigabyte LAN
Power Supply: Corsair cx750m 80+ gold psu
Cpu Cooling: Asetek 570LX Liquid Cooler with duo rosewill blue led fans
Case Cooling: Duo nxzt 120mm fans on top, one rosewill 120mm fan back
Operating System: Genuine Windows 10 64bit Home upgraded from windows 8.1 64bit coa

The FX9590 and R9 270x would still be very nice for light gaming and desktop use. If you could get this for closer to $350, better yet. Obvious risks in buying used, but depending on your needs, there are some deals out there.

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