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Remote client backups?


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Is there a way to backup clients when they are not in the same building? Or is this not supported? I know I could use a VPN but wasn't sure if there was another option.



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I actually do this with WSE12R2 using DirectAccess always-on VPN capability. Simple version - I’ve installed WSE connector on a machine, performed first backup locally on LAN (fast, reliable), then added the client to DirectAccess via group policy to push config to the client. Then disconnect, take to the new site, connect to Internet. It then communicates back to the WSE12R2 via the internet securely as if a remote member of my LAN.


Edit: I should preface as saying this works well for scheduled nightly backups and file restores. However it’s not conducive to bare metal restores. Am unaware of any way to do such restores remotely not to mention would be too slow to be effective. Would bring the client back for a BMR locally if necessary.

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