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Microserver Gen10 CPU limit


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Hi, I have an HPE Proliant  Microserver Gen10  x3216  with ubuntu server installed. 


Recenty i decided to check my CPU frequency (in ubuntu and in the EFI) and i realised that it only runs at 1.6Ghz max even though specifications claims that it can go up to 3.0Ghz.

Do you know if there is something i can do about it? I´ve already called HPE to ask for help but the only answer i got was "we do not support overclock" even though it´s not overclock because the values are withing the factory limits that they claim it can work.


I tried to make several stress test and put the server under heavy CPU loads but all i can get is 1.6Ghz.


Sorry if i made any mistakes , english it´s not my first language.


link to APU specs: https://www.amd.com/en/opteron

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Stress and cpuburn,  in single and multi thread mode. I´m aware of this AMD CPU limitations regarding CPU boost when all cores are active.

I did a little research and the issue seems to be related to AMD CPB(core performance boost),  when all cores are enabled the CPU doesn't enter in boost mode, only enters when 1/2 or less of the cores are idle.



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On my Windows Server 2016 Gen10, my X3216 (2 core) CPU cores run between 2.1GHz and 2.5GHz when I stress it with Prime95! Consider that the Graphics cores are not used, so its TDP allows the boost... In all other (less stressful) scenarios both CPU cores go to 3.0GHz easily.


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CentOS 7.4 , amd-gpu drivers installed , x3216 CPU

[itx@localhost ~]$ sudo cpupower monitor
    |Mperf               || Idle_Stats         
CPU | C0   | Cx   | Freq || POLL | C1   | C2   
   0| 87.85| 12.15|  2863||  0.00|  9.28|  3.26
   1| 88.97| 11.03|  2831||  0.00|  8.20|  2.69
As you see 2.8Gz CPU freq under load (loading Oracle 12)


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So, Any idea now? Do you fix it ? I have same question too.

I found this issue since I used ESXi virtualization platform and now I switch to Debian 10 physical machine. 

I try install Windows 10 on my HPE MicroServer Gen10 which CPU is AMD X3216, turbo works well and CPU freq up to 3.0GHz.

BUT in ESXi and Debian10 ,CPU has been limit by BIOS up to 1.6G default freq which found in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq.

I try install GPU drive and firmware and nothing happen, it not work.

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