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Hackers From Florida, Canada Behind 2016 Uber Breach


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Information by: Security Week


Whats your take on this? Personally I think its amazing that companies try to hide such things, In the end they look worse to the public and will lose all trust.. Things happen, Man up and report it to the proper agencies. To me it almost sounds like Uber felt bad for the 20 year old living at home in Florida, trying to help his mom and that's why they just paid the 100,000 and did not press charges.

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From what I read it seems 1 Canadian and 1 American collaborated. It's another fine example cross-border co-operation :) Maybe hacking should be part of NAFTA :D


And I agree totally on the disclosure aspect. Hiding this stuff is really bad from a public relations perspective. The truth will come out; count on it, so get ahead of the curve and own it from the get go.

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