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E3-1260L upgrade

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Why wouldn't the Bios allow quick sync? My ML10 and ML10 V2 both have quick sync enabled and there is no options in the bios for quick sync or hardware acceleration that I saw. 
What CPU are in your ML10 and ML10 v2?

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Remember that this is concerning the E3-1260L in the HP Microserver GEN8.


 Because it has the integrated ILO with the matrox GPU, the BIOS doesn't allow the use of Quick sync.

Think you can do it with a GPU in the PCI slot, but you won't be able to turn the Quick Sync support, since the BIOS was not designed for it.


I wish it was possible, but I have seen this discussion here in the forums, and the answer was the same.


But, if someone has this processor with quick sync working on this specific server, do let us know :)



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6 hours ago, stone said:

help me please
I have a RAM KVR16LE11 / 8, it works at 1600 in the specification of the processor E3-1260L only 1066 \ 1333. What do you think will E3-1260L work with this memory?


Spec CPU:


Spec RAM:



Hello @stone,


I have the KTH-PL316E/8G, and despite being 1600MHz, it is operating at near 1000MHz.


I have the E3-1260L operating in the Gen 8 for over 1 year now. Haven't seen any problems with the hardware.

So for my build, the memory is working just fine :)


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