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RX560 and RX550 Hash Rates before and after BIOS Mods and Overclocking


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I took it upon myself to check out some AMD cards and see how they compared to NVIDIA cards due to the fact that they were the only cards you could find mid January 2018.  I had heard the hash rates were similar to 1050ti cards yet a smaller power draw.  If that's correct you could save a ton by getting 550's instead of the 1050's.  The 1050ti cards were going for $200 to $250 while the 550 was hovering around $139.


About the only difference is that the 550 has 4Gb RAM and the 1050ti had 2Gb RAM.  Also note, the 560 should perform about the same as the 550 and perhaps slightly better although at more of a power cost.  Feel free to leave your results below.


These are my results, right or wrong.  I'm not an experienced miner and I learned on XMR-STAK.  I know those hash rates the best and it is something I use to measure a card.  I started mining XMR-STAK with ETN, KRB, and MSR coins.  Mostly "crap" coin that you trade for something else.  I am "long" on ETN however.  


Radeon PowerColor RX560 with Hynix RAM 4Gb

280 H/s Stock, Auto config of amd.txt via XMR-STAK

Mod BIOS with Polaris BIOS Editor and ATIFlash = No changes to H/s


Overclock and Undervolt with OverdriveNTool and/or with MSI OverDrive I could get it to 300 H/s to 310 H/s


That was the peak with my RX560. It was a single fan card, longer than the 550, and no 6 pin power.  It was fussy with Nice Hash on Legacy Miner and never mined as well as NVIDIA cards on NH.  


1050ti 2Gb Overclocked 310 H/s

1050 2Gb Overclocked 300 H/s

Both on XMR-Stak


There is more of a luck lottery with AMD cards than with NVIDIA.  Get a good memory manufacturer and you seem to be golden.  You can push them faster and they perform very well.  I was never lucky in this regard.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 10.13.59 PM.png




Just picked up a 550 to play with and possibly to keep in my regular PC to game a little on.  I started first with XMR-STAK.  No mods and let the program detect the card and set its own settings.  I deleted the AMD.TXT file of course.

253 to 255 H/s


Here is something I should have done with the RX560 as I'm sure it would have improved the hash rate some.  In the XMR-STAK config files you can change the threads.  Changed it to 2 threads, intensity 400, worksize 8 on both threads.

164 H/s on one

154 H/s on other

318 H/s Total

Not bad.  My assumption is the 560 would do the same.

BTW 18.1.1 Drivers, Windows 10 / 64

Changed to compute mode in the Radeon panel, no change.


MSI Afterburner

I know I should use overdriveNtool and I will.  This is a quick and dirty with MSI. I won't push hard.  I will watch for errors using HWInfo.

Memory Clock is 1750

Core Clock is 1203


Moved MemoryClock to 1800

No real changes


Moved MemoryClock to 1850

169 H/s

164 H/s


Not a bad change. Stable, not trending down. No GPU memory errors.  That seems to be it for my card.  Awesome Miner and Nice Hash Legacy Miner? Not so much.  Locking up NHML.  Probably should wipe that directory out and try again with benchmarks.  Awesome Miner just takes some baby sitting to pick good algorithms for the card to use.


Wait, one last test!


Dropping the MemoryClock to 1800 and will try 3 Threads in XMR-STAK.  This actually pushed the hash rate up to 356.  Total with the CPU is H/s 429

Settled down to 426 total.

Pushed the MemoryClock back to 1850 and the total is now 441 H/s.


Here is the setting:


{ "index" : 1, "intensity" : 384, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : true


{ "index" : 1, "intensity" : 384, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : true


{ "index" : 1, "intensity" : 384, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : true



Stock 250 H/s.  Tweaked 350 H/s  Also dial the Core Clock down and it won't effect your hash rate but will draw less power further increasing your ROI.


I've seen other RX550's have Micron memory and more shaders.  This one has 512 and i've seen 640. Those cards will do better than this one I have.

Moral of the story?  Cheap RX550 makes more monero than a 1050ti. Just don't ask it to NiceHash!


RX550 on eBay



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Small Update:


I tried two threads again and this card really likes the 3 thread setting better.  I have a few more things to try before calling it good.  Right now it's still running at 420'ish H/s. 

I'll try 2 threads with 432 intensity next but it's hard to take a card out of rotation when it is running so nicely!

With the CPU this little machine is pumping out 560 H/s.

All of this is on PolarisBios One Click bios mod and  OVerDriveNTool Overclocking.  I'm not pushing very hard on OC'ing.  GPU 1250 at 850mv and Memory is at 1925 at 950 mV.

I've been playing with these numbers trying to edge up the hashrate.  The memory clock is peaked at 1925 but will push it one more time.  These numbers spit a few errors on Hardware Info.


I will also share some notes on 1050's, 1060's, and 1050 ti's soon.  I think I have them at about as much as I can get them.  THEN....I will look at a different miner other than XMR-Stak.  


Don't forget this post:

In this post I look at this exact card and ROI numbers.  Which have changed due to motherboard cost reduction.  Have a look.

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In follow up.  The RX 550 2gb card is the best bet for Cryptonight mining.  I have several running on two threads and not the three that I mention above.  320/2 in XMR Stack.  Depends on your card so you have to play with the settings.

Do the one click bios mod on every one. Don't, and you are missing out on H/s. It really does improve things.

The 560's are not that much better than the 550's and they draw more power.  They may have more longevity with the 4Gb of ram however.

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