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Synology is entering the mesh WiFi market 2018


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Synology announced at Synology 2018 that they are joining the Wireless mesh market sometime in 2018. There is not much info on the product other then pictures of the antenna Free device that will work with there RT2600ac router. As a owner of there RT2600ac router I am extremely exited about this announcement. https://global.download.synology.com/download/Document/www-res/events/Synology_2018_after_event/Synology_2018_USA.pdf


Here is a link of some pictures


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I'm strongly considering using Synology router for my home. I currently have three Asus 68U with Merlin Firmware flashed (one as router, two as LAN connected APs). This sounds awesome in theory but my experience has been subpar. The routers don't do a good job of switching quickly between each other (drops facetime calls when walking across the house). Also, I want to access my DS1815+ located at my house while I am away on travel by mounting the shared folders onto my finder/ file explorer. I think this requires VPN. Big companies do it. I think Synology's solution is Synology SSL VPN. Can we discuss your experience and advice?





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