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Touchscreen Monitor VESA mount for kitchen 27-32 inch advice.


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I am looking for advice for a touchscreen monitor VESA mount for our kitchen, It will be used as a digital photo frame, Monitor our 6 IP cameras, Play media through Plex, lookup cooking recipes, and control our home automation. The list of things we use this for may grow, but for now that covers it.


Any suggestions that won't break the bank??


Thanks in advance.

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Acer, Veiwsonic, HP, Dell and Planar all build good touchscreen monitors. 27-32 inch would be a big monitor to hang in most kitchens. You can get into a 27 inch TS Acer for $479, but it will be 1920x1080 which is not a great resolution for a big monitor especially if you are close to it. A 27 inch TS Acer 2560x1440 will set you back $920.

Features vary widely, speakers, camera, USB hub, mic, points of touch, inputs, check closely to be sure it has everything you want. Also, for VESA mounting watch the depth, some of these can stick out from the wall.

If you can get by with a 24 inch, I would look at this Planar that Newegg has on sale for $156:




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I will try to remember to update. As of now it's going to be the one schoon recommended but the price is now threw the roof both on Amazon and Newegg, 325.00 Newegg and 320.00 Amazon. Its crazy, Just last night it was 230.00, I will be waiting for another sale, I am in no hurry and not ready for it anyway. We still have to put in the new floor and cabinets.


I am choosing the 24 inch solely because it has a web cam & mic built-in and we going to use it for video chat to family and friends. Could you tell me a little bit about your project?

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Yes they sure do like nice, I am going to watch the prices and wait for the next drop then pull the trigger. If you get one be for me please let us know what you think of them.

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