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Which options for passthrough with no VT-d?


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Hi everybody!


I am an owner of a HP Gen8. I installed an i3-3240, an SSD in a DVD caddy and two hard disks. My goal is to install an Hypervisor and mainly install a Xpenology virtual machine. Sometimes, I could need to install other virtual machines.


My idea was to install ESXi on the SSD, which I configured with a single RAID-0 array. Unfortunately, I figured out that is not possible to allow virtual machines to have direct access to hard drives since the i3-3240 doesn't have VT-d support. I'm very worried that performance would be very bad if I configured Xpenology with virtual hard drives.


What alternative options do I have? Could I use Microsoft Hyper-v? Can I install the OS directly on the SSD without using arrays?


Thank you!

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