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DataVault X510 has changed into a MediaSmart EX49x


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I just purchased a X510 and set it up over the last weekend and have just encountered an interesting issue


I have what appears to be a "trans gender" X510 – this morning it changed from being a DataVault X510 to a MediaSmart EX49x – what I mean by this is the whole "skin" of the WHS Console now reflects the HP MediaSmart branding versus the HP DataVault branding. For two days it was a DataVault and this morning without any fanfare it decided it would become a MediaSmart


It reports as a EX49x in the MediaSmart properties in Settings and curiously now reports the Serial Number as "To be filled by O.E.M" - whereas on the weekend it was reporting the serial number for the X510!


I'm not going to lose any sleep over it – I guess a Server Reinstall would fix it but it just goes to show how "frail" the skins are that HP have loaded over the core WHS environment


Has that happened to anyone else with an X510 at all? and any ideas on how to get my DataVault back - aside from a Server Reinstall?


I heard from Alex Kuretz over at MediaServer.net that the same thing has happened to his X510 - he checked when he saw my post and was surprised to find that it had changed

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