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HighPoint RocketRAID 2640X4 PCI-Express x4 Four-Port SATA and SAS RAID Controller Card


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Although I haven't listened to all of that show yet, I should point out that that card isn't technically a hardware raid card.


There isn't any onboard memory, and you can tell pretty quick that if it supports raid 5 or 6 and doesn't have a heatsink, that the card is passing those parity calculations on to the cpu of the computer.


That being said, a modern i3 probably wouldn't break a sweat most of the time, but I'd be interested to see the CPU utilization during reads and writes..

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It is still a great deal in the world of RAID controllers. There is nothing else out that is in this price range. Thanks John for pointing that out.

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That is an incredible price. However, I need to resist since I am saving up for a SSD and some Caviar Black drives, thanks to listening to BYOB!

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