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Help: sd card won't boot when OS drive is switched out


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I set my Gen8 up a few years back and it's all been running (fairly) smoothly since then so I've not needed to tinker with the setup too much.

I'm not entirely sure how I configured it because it was so long ago now but from memory it's set up as follows:


boot to sd card with grub installed which points towards an ubuntu install on the internal drive cable

4 additional drives are installed in the 4 internal removeable drive bays, purely for data and do not have RAID enabled.


This weekend the main ubuntu drive failed. I have backups of the content but the sd card grub script seems to be set to look for a specific drive (ffc75acd-1de8-4f8f-8399-c6fea72cc176) so the replacement I've put in its place causes it to fail with a kernel error.


It's a long time since I've done anything with this machine and I'm now stuck for what to do next.

Can anyone suggest my next steps?



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