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Certificate error fix?

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Hi folks,


I have had my install of WHS2011 for some time and with a static IP have been able to use remote access by switching on that service albeit not using microsoft's domain name registration.


The system has worked for about 5 years but is now grumbling about certificates when I login either remote or using one of my PCs on the local home network using mstsc.   The error message is attached.    Clearly if I click yes and ignore the error I can continue as I can when accessing the server using the static IP.  


I have looked at various posts about certificates and buying certificates for domain names etc. most of which the responses go over my head.


Any assistance that could help me address this would be gratefully received.






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 so if you check "don't ask me again for connections to this computer" does it shut up in subsequent attempts?

From time to time I get this around home after windows updates but they can easily be muted

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Drashna Jaelre

This is actually 100% normal. 


The only way this doesn't happen is if you have signed certificates from a Certificate Authority that the system trust.  Which is not normal here.

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Thank you for your replies.


nrf - I suspect that checking that box would fix it as a simple 'ignore the message route' but I like to understand these things and fix them.  Microsoft have as usual washed their hands of any support which I feel they pretty much did the day they launched WHS. Nothing like feeling like a valued customer :).


Drashna - If this warning is 100% normal then why has it only just started doing this?


If I look in the certificates admin tool area I can see that there are certificates that have been produced over years, the last one ended in December.    I can find no explanation as to how these certificate were generated and other posts I have researched seem to show people purchasing certificates form DNS providers which I have never done.




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Definitely don't pay for a cert! If you want to get rid of the error then standup a CA and sign your own certs.

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Seems nobody knows.   To show what I mean about certificates the image is a portion of 138 certificates that are listed in the WHS Certification Authority utility  under the 'issued certificates' tab.   None of these were purchased, but were presumably generated by the server to prevent the issue.


Can anyone explain why I can see this thread on the Forums home page as being under WHS2011 but then it doesn't appear on any of the 15 pages.... is it something I did wrong to post the thread?   AT present I retain a shortcut favourite to get back to it because of this.




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