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Windows 10 NIC teaming


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As you've discovered the bandwidth of a single hard disk and 1GbE are closely matched at around 120MBs...

... so if you have a high bandwidth network you need a high bandwidth storage system to take advantage of the former.


Writing data you are currently using on an SSD to long-term storage will be fine with a cache disk on the receiving end ...

... but what about when you want to read a file at random i.e. not a recent file in cache. No problem - you are probably only streaming a piece of music or video ...

... the problem comes when you need to access huge amounts of data (e.g. video editing) or you are performing a wholesale move (e.g. a disk reorganisation). Now the whole storage subsystem has to be fast.


You might be interested in this reference from another thread on 10G networking.



While 10GbE switching is still expensive ... a home user might enter the fray by simply networking 2 machines together with a direct Cat6 cable connection.

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I have no idea on Windows 10 being able to do it, but NIC Teaming and Link Aggregation are kind of the same thing. Although technically not correct I consider NIC Teaming to be switch independent (Win


Yeah, I did figure out that a cache SSD wasn't going to do much for reading data from the DrivePool pool(s). In those situations I don't really see any other alternative to lots & lots of SSDs. Pricey, but what can you do?

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