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Was it FOSCAM IP Camera you mentioned?


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Hey Dave,


Great recap of CES.


I think you briefly mentioned a new line of FOSCAM battery operated IP Cameras?  Any more details on that?  Did they have any spec sheets or a url for more info?

I'm wondering what the price point is and whether they said anything about ONVIF support.

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I can't find anything in my book about Foscam.  It is all in the podcast though.

http://reset.fm/40 @ 17:00:00 mark.

I have some photos though.  If you listen to the podcast I asked if it would be able to be addressed via a NAS and he said yes.  I still don't know if I believe him!


Up to 8 Cameras

Cloud storage free up to 1 Gb

NAS? Synology and QNAP.  Why I didn't ask "ONVIF?"  I don't know!  I would still like this clarified

Battery 6 to 9 months regular use.  Lots of traffic, not that long.

You can recharge camera as a whole or swap the battery out with a spare.

Release soon? $169 to $179 for hub and camera.





It's hard to see in this photo but the back has Power, On/Off switch, USB Port, Reset pinhole, and Lan Port.




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Thanks Dave!

I know you are swamped getting dug out from CES (maybe some actual snow too?) so appreciate you finding what you have.

I agree - unclear if it actually will support ONVIF.  The support of NAS storage systems could simply be via FTP or SMB/CIFS.  The generic firmware inside almost all cameras (and many OEM models are Foscam internally) has an FTP uploader so they could "claim" NAS support just by having that.

I would suspect, unfortunately, they don't have ONVIF.  I would think if they had it, they would certainly want to highlight that feature as a key advantage over competitors.

Nonetheless, the price point is good and the products looks very interesting.

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