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Router and nas, all in one solution or different hardware reliability and watt wide


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Hello guys,

I'm new on the forum, but I've read some topics and I thank you for spreading your knowledge.


It all started when I installed Gargoyle on my TP-Link WR1043ND router, it is based on OpenWRT and I installed the USB HDD.

It's cool to have access from every device and it usually works but I guess that asking to copy move large files or multiple access for a 128mb RAM router doing already the routing part it is asking too much already.
I do some downloading via torrent, I tried doing it by the router but it showed me it got stressed xD

SO I started looking at NASes
Truth to be told there have been two FAILED experiments before.
One was a Wyse S10 that only ran very slowly with Puppy Linux, the other one a Seagate GoFlex Net showing me how little I know about ArchLinuxARM.
I started the search again and many pointed out that value per money it's was hard to get better than HP Microserver Gen8 as a home NAS and I started looking at OSes, I though I would try Rockstor when time comes. Waited a little and now Microserver Gen10 is out and it eats less power too, cool.

Still, I wanted something cheaper, and Alibaba offers routers and NASes with J1900 processor and others and other options too..
Some include routers with dual or quad core ARM processors, SATA AND USB 3.0 and up to 2GB RAM with working OpenWRT already running.

So now I am still not sure what to do.

I am thinking about a solution where the router does the downloading and maybe via SATA HDD for it can do it and a NAS that is online only when I am home with a scheduled ON/OFF time.
The NAS would only be where the data are stored and spread at the moment, It may be a Plex server for my Samsung KU6000 "self entitled" SmartTV and other cool things I am discovering.
Would this be the most efficient solution?

Or would it be a full blown NAS always ON that does the router job?

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First of all welcome to the forum.


Secondly I would highly recommend utilising different hardware for those jobs purely for security and complexity requirements, without an understanding of the fundamentals of networking and storage and their secure (well as secure as you can get in the post-SPECTRE and post-MELTDOWN world) setup and maintenance you are setting yourself up for failure there, pick one and start with that.


To this end I would submit to you why are you doing this, and what do you hope to achieve, if its pure learning, that is different to having a secure and reliable system that can deal with important data and work reliably enough to work in an environment where it achieves WAF or business aims

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Ok!! So I think I'll first try to mount a btrfs drive with swap to my current router and then I'll try transmission and other goodies again. 

Strangely enough this way and buying two devices seems kinda cheaper too..


I want a better home network.

If I have to learn too it will be good.

Learning is always good.


Setting up a pfsense or other router is not as straightforward as it is with a OpenWRT router or I have fooled myself believing my network is secure while it isn't?

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security like many things in life comes in many shades/degrees. I think it is good to strive for 'better' especially when learning is involved. the question of "how much is enough" is a very personal matter. the answer for me tends to shift over time as I learn. Some things I have taken on seemed helpful at first but as I came to better understand their intent they became less relevant.


hopefully this forum will  be of some help on your journey.

good luck!

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Sotoday I'm going to put another drive to the router, upgrade the gargoyle firmware to the latest version and put on some transmission, DNS access and what other it has to offer.

Let's see what the oldie has yet to offer!


In case everything goes wrong I still have an equivalent ASUS router at home and the provider has given me a modem router anyway.

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I totally agree with whats already been said and want to add, The "router" is a major component of your network and as such it really should not be doing any other job other then its intended purpose. The router already has enough to do with giving you the gateway to the internet and keeping your internal network as secure as possible. IF your determin to have your router do double duty and provide you with some NAS functions may I introduce you to the Synology RT2600AC Wi-Fi AC 2600 Gigabit router, This comes from the great makers of Synology NAS and as such they have some nice packages for it. As nice as those packages are I would not make my router do NAS like functions. Hope this helps.....

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Sinology packages do not seem so different from OpenWRT / LEDE / Gargoyle packages.


I updated the firmware of my router and now is more stable with the EXT4 partition.

Gonna try Transmission torrent again but up to now it seems doing the job just fine, it is not the fastest thing, going 2,5-3MB for second but for torrent files it should be okay.

I have the router blocking ADS at the moment and it's doing good.



This may be the device for the extra jobs.

It has SATA AND USB 3.0, quad core something so it could do a little more.



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