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Testing JSE Coin on Websites - What is the Payout?


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I thought I would let you guys see some results on JSE Coin mining here on RESET Forums.  The coin was designed to allow website owners to monetize their site without pushing ads in front of readers.  It's a great idea and although it is very easy on the resources of the reader, it has some early pitfalls.

1.  Unscrupulous types have used this type of mining to mine coins via web surfer CPU's at a rate which is way to high for end user CPU's.  Fans kick on and the machine is really taxed.  JSE Coin doesn't do that by the way.

2.  Ad blockers easily detect the javascript and block the JSE Coin miner.

3.  The JSE Coin earned has no value as of yet and no guarantee it will be worth anything in the future.



My first test was to put a single page up that allows you to see exactly what it does to the resources of your machine.  You can go this link and test it - https://homeservershow.com/miner/  It will load a javascript and do it's thing.  The page has to stay active on your screen for it to work.  It truly is just a test for you, not me.  It yielded absolutely nothing but it was a test for you, not me.

The second test was to put it on the entrance page to the forum.  That did yield some results but nothing major.  The only true way to test it is to put the script on the global template and let it run on every page.  That did move the needle but not by much.




If JSE Coin were on a market and traded I would be able to assess some value for you and tell you what it is worth.  Sadly, it is not but the creator has marketed it as 1 JSECoin = 1 US Dollar.  JSECoin has yet to really launch so who knows what could happen with this coin.  It could be a very good value in the future so it really doesn't hurt to hold on to these earnings and see where it goes.


How to Earn the Most

I've honestly found that referrals and self mining are the best way forward right now.  You and I both get a bonus if you sign up for JSE Coin.  Go here -  https://jsecoin.com/o/?a=40280   Sign up and earn.  There is a page on their site where you can mine.  It doesn't tax the CPU at all and it earns you JSE Coin that might be worth something to all of us very soon.  Give it a shot even if you are not into this mining game.  It will hopefully help this site out in the future.


The Test is Over

It was a fun test and I'm going to end any system wide use of JSE Coin on this site until it has overcome some of these early hurdles.  Also, I don't want to put off any reader that may object to the methods of the mining vs. displaying ads.  This method needs more testing and I'll leave the script active at the link /miner/ link if you want to check it out. (disable your blockers, scroll to bottom of page and watch for a banner to pop)


Join me in self mining - https://jsecoin.com/o/?a=40280  We both get a bonus!



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Read in your best Mob Guy HorseRacing movie voice.


Psssssst.  Hey, itGeeks, yeah you.  I got a tip on a pony.

A pony?


JSECoin in the 5th.

The 5th?

Ya, down at the track. Supposed to be a sure thing.  Got a guy who has a guy that mucks the stalls.

Ya don't say?



So, it's speculative. If there was a chance to double your money by doing little of nothing would you bother?  Coin guys all say "Heck Ya!"

Non coin guys probably not.  Sign up and see what you think.   https://jsecoin.com/o/?a=40280 

Or run my script on the website overnight.


Plus, Jim has lots, and we are trying to catch him! It's been fun so jump in the pool with us.


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