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Microserver seemingly dead after CPU upgrade


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Hi all


I purchased a Intel Xeon E3-1260L 2.4 GHz Quad-Core CPU 45w Processor for my Microserver. I managed to install it quite easily but after powering on the Microserver the front light flashed red and it restarted. After that, I have not been able to get any signal out of the VGA so I really cannot tell what the problem is. It is certainly not booting into the OS as I cannot reach it via it's IP address as usual. I have attached some images and description of what I am seeing here https://imgur.com/a/ppc0u.


I have now replaced the stock CPU and the same problems are showing. If anyone has seen anything like this before or has any advice for a newbie like me I would really very much appreciate it please :)


I have tried two different monitors and different VGA cables and get the same problem. When I turn off the server, the three green LEDs next to the PCI slot are flashing (see picture on imgur).

Regarding ILO, I have never used it before but did try plugging an ethernet cable in but it doesn't seem to show up on my router. Presumably it's meant to get a DHCP IP address?


Suggestions welcome,  thank you very much

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Just now, Trig0r said:

Well the E3-1260L certainly works as I had one in my server.

Sure you haven't damaged anything when swapping the CPU's out?


I've also put back the original stock CPU and still same problems. Realistically speaking something must have been damaged somehow, it's just a case of trying to get to the bottom of what has gone wrong. I was careful and it was rather simple - remove outer case, unplug cables, remove RAM, slide Motherboard out, replace CPU, replace cables... :(

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Hi schoondoggy, thanks for getting back to me. I remember you from a couple of years ago on here. I can't seem to see any thermal compound on any contact, I was careful when applying the paste. I also did plug an Ethernet cable into the iLo port but didn't seem to see any IP address show up for it on my LAN Status page on my dd-wrt router.



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Ouch, have you taken the motherboard off of the tray and stripped it back fully and gone over it to see if there's anything amiss on there?

There is also, and this is a huuuge long shot, a row of dip switches, might be worth checking those are all where they should be...

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Hi Trig0r, to be honest I wouldn't really know what I was looking for with regards to what is amiss. Checked the dip switches and all of them are pointing the same way which from reading online seems correct. I took the cmos battery out and replaced it but still same problem.


Is there any possibility this CPU I bought secondhand has fried it or something?


If not, and there's nothing further to diagnose is it safe to assume that the motherboard has died somehow?

Thank you

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