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Hi all,

I keep bouncing back to this forum from my various google searches so thank you for the informative threads!  However I felt it was probably just worth raising a new topic and so here I am.



I currently own a DL380 G7 server.  It's great and does everything I need to.  Primary function is running as a Hyper-V server with a number of virtual machines - one of which runs the home automation in the ...home.

As a result, where the server used to be turned on just for learning the applications I use at work, training, testing...it's now having to be on 24/7.  The issue with this is simply heat.  It's raised on a server cabinet which is located in a tiny room where the fusebox is.  In the winter, it's ok if the door is open.  When I am out however, the door needs to remain shut and as a result the temperature creeps up, fans turn up a fair bit and overall I don't think it's too happy being in a 30 degrees celcius room like yesterday.  Bearing in mind the house during the day is cold and outside it's been under 5 degrees c...Summer will probably kill it.


So thats the history.


Going forward

So what do I want?

My primary requirement is to replace the home automation.  It does not need a huge spec but I want it futureproof.  A HP Microserver ticks almost all the boxes for the Gen10 but I want something that i only available in the Gen8...something I can't seem to find anywhere anymore and that is the iLo.

Having had the iLo on the current one, I use it a fair bit for remote management and it's very useful should there be issues with the host part too not to mention the ease of monitoring it's vitals.


I've just recently found out apparently this technology does exist for other machines including those that run Intel AMT? 


So what should I get?

I don't mind fan noise as such but it needs to remain cool.

I like the fact te Microservers are fairly powerful and yet small + stackable.

Ideally I want dual network ports to load balance and/or redudancy.

and it must have remote management while off too.

Finally, reliable - one thing I'm finding with HP servers is reliability is high.


The NLxx are good but no iLo and most out of the box are single NIC. 

The Gen8 is great in that there are two NICs and a dedicated iLo.


Let me know your thoughts - thanks in advance!


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