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Second hand value how much


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Hi, I am getting my Gen 8 ready for sale but am not sure what price to put it up for I need to get as much as possible as my wifes Clutch has gone in her car so money will go towards that but have this configuration:


E3 1225 V2 or I3 3240

16gb, 8gb or 4gb ram installed would prefer to keep the 16gb probably better sold seperately

2x 2tb Seagate video drives and 2x 500gb Western Digital Blue drives

HD 6450 Gpu compatible with Esxi passthrough

DVD writer connected via internal usb

Sandisk X400 128gb SSD

ILO advanced but won't really mention that as I found a key on Google

Windows 10 Pro


What configuration should I use I also don't want to use Ebay cannot trust it.



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There is high demand for MS Gen8, but it is tough to determine what it is worth. You may want to post it on the For Sale area in the forum. I would search completed auctions on eBay for the individual pieces to see what people are paying for them. With all the sales and rebates on MS Gen8 I don't think anyone ever paid full price for one.

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My opinion is that selling in parts will be more successful. Some people will be mainly interested by MS itself, other - by CPU, by GPU, by SSD, etc.

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Ebay listings are all over the place I think you are right I will put i3 3240 in and 4gb keep the 16gb for my ML110 g6 and sell everything else separate

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