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XPEnology bare metal install Step-by-Step video

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On 1/10/2018 at 6:19 PM, namvan said:

Hi @ImTheTypeOfGuy I think you meant Synology hardward specs are low? I am using one of a low-end NAS and it is working as fast as the normal servers for file sharing. Media Streaming is also fine. I think the reasons behind Synology low specs are around power consumption for a 24/7 NAS.


Also I have put DSM to an i7 box down the same path as @itGeeks did and could see most of the time CPU percentage is at 1% or so. This meant that DSM does not actually need a lot of CPU power.

What are you using for media streaming? Sadly you are correct about Synology low specs hardware but they are failing big time to meet there home users HIGH demand for a NAS that can run Plex with real-time streaming. There is no reason Synology can't produce a Core i3 or even an i5 NAS for the same cost as these shitty low power boxes they have now. There profit margin for these low power boxes is threw the roof. That said I know we get an incredibly app store mostly free of charge and the development of this cost money. QNAP has the edge on specs when it comes to hardware but there OS and packages suck in my humble opinion.

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