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Hey everyone,


Happy 2018 to you all. I'm gearing up for CES 2018 and am going to be seeing a lot of storage vendors this year. Automation too! My two favorite topics. However, im also going to a blockchain investment conference prior to CES. I can't wait!

So I'm broke and will be saving up the peanut packs from my Southwest flight! Ok, it's not that bad but I want to show you a new method of Monetization and how you can help. 


Read this post. 



Report back on what you think. This will allow me to test the script and gauge overall feel for how it performs, as well as your thoughts.  I've been doing it daily for 3 or so weeks. I don't notice anything different.  The test is only on that page. Nowhere else on these forums. You may need to whitelist it. 


Read it, you will understand more after. Thanks!

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It's a coin called JSE Coin.  It was setup and designed to do exactly this.  If you go back to the page, scroll to the bottom and a banner eventually pops up that will inform you of what is going on.  It should be more evident in order to keep everything truthful but it is at the bottom.  It's also only on that page. Not any other page in the forum.


I didn't notice any extra work going on the PC either so I wanted to see what everyone else was experiencing.  Thanks for trying it.

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