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ML10v2 replace video card


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I want to replace the video card with HDMI for a better screen picture and video. I don't play games on it. 


I got a cheap x16 PCIE 2.0 video card but can't get it to boot.


When I plug in the video card, it appears to pick it up as the internal onboard graphics no longer works. But there is no picture using the VGA, HDMI, or DVI ports back to my monitor.


The slot it goes into is x8 but i read that's OK.


Do I need to update the firmware or something to get it to pick up?


The thing also takes like 10 minutes to boot up so it's a pain to troubleshoot! 


Thanks very much in advance

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If I am not mistaken there is a new BIOS from earlier this year. I would try updating that.
What video card are you using that is not working?

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Thanks. It's an Nvidia gt710 


I got totally lost on the bios update part :( I checked on the HP site but there were many options. I'm running Windows 10 on it. 

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Yeah ok I remember there being options below. 

I tried them all. If I have the optional card activated, I can't get either the inbuilt or optional card working over vga or HDMI 


Any time the Nvidia card is installed, I get nothing over either vga once the very first bootup page occurs. I left it for 20 minutes in case it was still booting to no avail. 


I can get the card installed and check if it's windows driver that's the issue, as I can't get it to boot all that way with the Nvidia card installed. 



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So I played around with the BIOS, but left it as is. rebooted, and just let it run.


came back 20 minute and it was working..! It was taking to long to boot I didn't think it would ever get there. 


I have the PC running on my TV and am just reinstalling all the nvidia drivers, but sound and audio are both working. 


The issue partly was once it got past the very first POST boot screen, there was nothing on the screen at all. Perhaps this is due to the driver for HDMI not getting loaded until windows started or something. same for VGA from the new card. that will be a pain for troubleshooting, but for the moment it appears to be working

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