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Gen8 Micro Server - Automatic Boot Up


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    On my PC I can automatically boot the PC at a set day/time by setting something in the BIOS. I'd like to get my Gen8 Server to shutdown and boot up at certain times each day so it is not running over night. Obviously I can schedule a task to shutdown in Windows but does anybody know if I can set a boot up date and time in the HP BIOS / software ? Thank you.

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Being a server it's supposed to run 24/7. I don't think you can set a boot up time for it. What you can set is a boot up delay after a power failure. I set mine to boot up after 1 min. after a power failure. I'm running it 24/7 and never had issues (of course, I'm using NAS Seagate HDD on it with SSD as boot drive).

Maybe you can use an intelligent power plug and set power cut on it and then a boot up delay on your server but I don't recommend to do this though).

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