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Seagate multu-actuator drive technology


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That does look interesting. Thanks for posting it.


It reminds me a little bit of a system my father worked on: the Burroughs 5500. The comparison isn't exact, but the idea is there. The Burroughs had a disk drive that had 1 read-write head for every track on the disk platter. Naturally, the access time was extremely quick. My father said it was so quick it could actually be used as RAM.


Seagate is going for 2 actuators right now, but how long will it be before they manage to have 1 actuator per platter? That might speed things up.


Or what if they could figure out a way (fiber optics maybe) of having a 'bar' that extends from the center of a platter to its outer edge. On the bar would be mounted tiny read/write heads, 1 for every track. What's old is new again. And they could gain some extra space for the heads by shaping the 'bar' in a long spiral, like a golden ratio spiral.

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