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RAID cards in the Gen10


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Thanks for trying this out both. I guess we have an answer about the likelihood of using a MegaRAID with the Gen10 :huh:

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I think the Marvell controller is fine as a HBA though, right?


Mostly I wondered about hardware RAID's with this system.


I'm not sure how well the built in AHCI is suited for ZFS, for example, but the hardware has been supported in Linux generally for a while.

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I spoke to a guy in the UK over the weekend and he has got a IBM LSI ServeRAID M1015 SAS/SATA PCIe RAID Controller working in his, so it should be possible. I am going to borrow an HP P410 Raid Card next and will give that a try.

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I picked up a SAS 9261-8i, it is actaully a SUN/Oracle 375-3701. I installed it in the MS Gen10. I have Windows 10 running on a drive connected to the ODD SATA port. I have  the server set to UEFI. I could not get to the MegaRaid setup during post. In Windows I was able to load the MSM and configure an array. It all seems to be working. I will try to switch it back to legacy BIOS and see if I can get to the Megaraid setup during POST.

Let me know if there are specific things you would like me to check out.

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Thanks for doing this Schoon, it's very helpful!


Did the system POST slowly with the LSI card installed? I remember the gen8 would hang for a few minutes with a none HP RAID controller installed, then eventually continue.


It seems strange that you can't get into the RAID BIOS? Do you see the prompt for this, or is it somehow hidden?

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Post has been getting slower on the MS Gen10 the more I expirement. I think I need to clear the BIOS and start clean.

With UEFI boot enabled the MegaRAID login screen never shows in post.

I set the BIOS back to legacy boot and now the MegaRAID login is available during POST.

The firmware is very old, I will update that next. I have the last version from SUN/Oracle.

Still trying to determine what the latest Broadcon/Avago/LSI firmware is for a 9261-8i.

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Current boot time legacy mode from power button push to Windows login is one minute fifty eight seconds.

I got the firmware updated to 2015:

new msm.PNG






The drives I am testing with are older and slower, HDS5C3020ALA632.

When I get a chance I will flip it back to UEFI boot and see what happens.


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Fun day playing in the lab.

I installed a HPE H220 HBA and it worked fine in the MS Gen10.

So, then I pulled my P222 out of my MS Gen8 and installed it in the MS Gen10. With the server in legacy boot it worked fine!


I set up a RAID5 array.

raid5 p222.PNG

When I have time I will go back and try UEFI boot. 

I assume I had the server in UEFI boot the last time I tested. I was also running an older BIOS, perhaps that was part of the issue.

I rebooted several times and all is working.


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