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So I started building to day the hardware consists of


Core i3 540, Gigabyte H55N-USB3 mini-itx board, 2x 2GB Kensington, thermaltake 550w psu, silverstone PS02 case, 3 In 2 Sata I/ii Module





These are the MB and CPU




This is the MB after placing the CPU and the fan




The case I bought a year or so ago I think I've had it for a while and decided I'd use it for my WHS build




This was a lol moment for me, I was laughing at seeing this tiny thing in this huge case. Cause I'm so used to putting itx boards in itx or mATX cases this was hilarious.


Moving on you can probably see the fan on the Icydock box in the case my ultimate goal is to have a drives in total and since the case only supports 5 internal 3.5 bays i bought the Icydock bay from a friend, only to realize that I can't find my freakin' Raid card! guess I'm gona have to go get one.




So for now this is what the build looks like till I get a Raid card. So now I'm gonna' go ahead and install WHS and then add the other drives when I get my Reaid card

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Here is a possibilty. Remove the expansion slot covers in the back of your cases, and mount one of these (fan facing the back of the PC). You can easily set this on top of the PS and put a couple of screws through the side cover to hold in place. May look strange but it will work nicely...





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Nice, though I don't think that I'd be able to connect that many drive I have room for four more already in the case (Icydock 3x 3.5") and one extra 3.5" slot, plus the cheaper raid cards only come with for sata ports right?


or are there reasonably priced ones with more sata ports?

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