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RAID configuration lost on cold boot


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Hi guys, this will be quite long, so be warned :-D


I run Microserver Gen8 for several years now. I have one issue which happens on any cold boot (swich off the server, then switch on; no need to remove power outlet). 

My config is following:

* Linux Debian operating system

* SSD in optical drive bay connected to SATA intended for ODD, intended as main system disk holding Debian Linux

* 3.5" HDD in bay 1 used as single drive

* 3x 3.5" HDDs in bays 2-4 used in software RAID 5 (mdraid, no LVM)


To be able to boot from ODD SATA connector holding SSD with Linux, I needed to configure booting from integrated RAID controller and configure my SSD as one-disk-only RAID0 array. This works perfectly - I configure this logical volume in storage administrator and set it as bootable and server boots perfectly. I can see the SSD as /dev/sde and I can access it directly, it is seen by the system as regular SATA connected HDD. 

Upon coldboot, HP RAID configuration is lost. If I boot from Debian Rescue disk (I have one permanently in iLO SD card slot), I can still see my SSD as /dev/sde and I can access all the data with no issues. When I open HP Storage Administrator and go through creating new array consisting of the SSD only, data is not lost and after setting it as bootable I can boot again without problems. 


So what now? 

I have a backup plan that would consist of using SD card in iLO slot as boot drive that would hold just GRUB and will be able to hand off all stuff to my SSD. 

However, I would like to find out what is wrong with the HP RAID controller. Is it me who is stupid or just the controller does not support this unusual config?


Ideas, anyone? 

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Hi guys, 

I was googling this a number of times and found a lot of forum posts around the net mentioning the same issue... however no solution, no reason why this is happening. 

Today it happened again (after restarting due to patching Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability) and it is driving me crazy.


Does anyone have the same configuration? Do you experience this issue?


Thanks for any comments.

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