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Big (?) Problem Raid Controller


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Hey Guys,


i have .. i don't know its a big problem or a small bug but i do not see a single HDD in my Raid Controller..

But as soon as I attach a SSD to my ODD port, it will be displayed. Can anyone explain to me?


I hope someone can help me

German Guy 





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Is this a new build or did you have an array configured?

What drives are currently installed in the server?

Did you check the connection at the system board? Unplug and reconnect.

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Hey :)


Its a new build.

On the SSD is a Linux System, nothing else.. 

That may be a stupid question, but do I need separate drivers so that I can see the HDD's on the RAID controller?


I checked the connections a few times... 





edit: my idea behind this system is.. 


Linux system + Openmediavault (SSD) and the 4 Slots for raid system

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From the OS you need a driver for the OS to see the B120i, but at pre-boot entering the SSA you do not need a driver at that point. Do you have hard drives in all four slots? Are you sure they are all pushed back and latched? Can you hear them spin up?  Are they getting power?

In general, when the SSD on Port 5 is showing up, but nothing in the four drive bays is showing it is usually the SATA connection or power connection. 

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After I checked everything again, I found the mistake ...

The power cable from the power supply that runs past the SSD I and I pushed aside during installation was not connected to the HDD's...


I hate myself...


Thank you schoondoggy ...


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No need to hate ourself, I have done that same thing myself! That is why I always start with the basics.

Hopefully all goes well from here.


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