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Help me sort out RAID configuration


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I Guys,


I'm running a Gen8 equpped with 2x3TB WD RED + 8 Gb RAM since last year. Only used as a NAS with Freenas. I'm a noob, without any *nix knowlage.

The disks are running in mirror-0/RAID 1 setup ATM.


Now I want to expand the use of the server, for CCTV. I haven't yet decided if I just want to dump captured data on the NAS or run a NVR software and dump the data aswell.


I was thinking following config:

1st set of HDD = 2x3TB in mirror-0, pure NAS for everyday use

2nd set of HHD = 2x3TB or bigger in mirror-0, save captured data from cameras.


1 USB flash storage


1 SSD 2,5" drive


This is where it's going beyond my knowage:

Should I setup ESXi on the USB drive and host 2 VM's on the SSD. 1 VM for Freenas and 1 VM for CCTV NVR software? Or is there any better way to solve this?


I'm planning on upgrading the CPU to a compatible Xeon from the CPU thread and add another 8Gb stick to the server.


Thanks for a great forum! :)

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Are you setting up the RAID1 set you currently have with the B120i or are you just passing drives to FreeNAS?

What OS will the CCTV NVR software need to run on?



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I have disabled the B120 and running AHCI at the moment.

It's a mirror-0 setup in FreeNAS for the WD-RED NAS discs.


I haven't yet decided which CCTV NVR to run, but ZoneMinder and Milestone are alternatives I'm considering.

Zoneminder runs on Linux dist, while Milestone requires Windows platform.

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Forgot to mention in OP, I have a stand alone KNX home automation server running on Fujitsu Industry mobo I would like to virtualize aswell to get down the amount of physical servers in my house. :)

This one runs on Linux, and isn't demanding.. AMD T56 CPU now,

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A MS Gen8 with a XEON and 16GB of memory should be performance enough for a few VM's. It has been a while since I played with ESXI on a MS Gen8, but there are two routes that come to mind. In both cases boot ESXi from a USB drive. One route, you could leave every thing in AHCI, host your VM's on the SSD on port5 and pass two drives to the FreeNAS VM and two to the CCTV VM. Second route would be to add a LSI controller like a SAS9207-4i4e, connect the four swappable bays to the LSI and pass through the LSI controller to the FreeNAS VM, FreeNAS likes this route. Install a SFF-8087 breakout cable in the SFF port on the motherboard, run your SSD on Port1 of the breakout cable, mount two 3TB or 4TB or 5TB 2.5" drives in a RAID1 mirror using the B120i and give that to the CCTV VM.

Some of the decisions will be based on how much storage you need for each function. 

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Thanks SD!


Options number two, is the SAS9207 som sort of RAID-controller? What's its purpose? (It was pretty expensive, haha)

You mentioned 2,5" drives, is this a requirment to run or will I be fine with 3,5" drives aswell? Because I already have the set of WD-Red I want to reuse.


When I sum up the parts for upgrade, I'm not far away from a refurbished base model ML310 or ML350 if I sell my pretty stock MS.

I do have the space in my boiler room where the MS sits, and it isn't any noise sensitive area (I can imagine the tower sound like a JET engine with the delta fans)

However, power consumption is a small concern and I wonder if the MS and  ML350i running pretty much the same setup and services are in the same ballpark regarding the power consumption? Or is the ML350 much more power thirsty? Talking about Gen8 single CPU on both.


I'm considering ML because MS only allows 16Gb RAM. It would be a bummer if I dig in this plenty of cash in the MS and then notice 16Gb isn't sufficent for my services. I Was recomended "PCI-e cache", donät what that is really, my google searches result Intel Optane, would this be a way to go or are theese Cache memorys meant for other purpose?

I'm not sure if I would fit such card in a MS anyway, and if I go LSI then the PCI-e slot is full I guess.

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The SAS9207 4i4e is a RAID card that can be run as a JBOD, $50 on ebay. Sorry I did not finish my thought on the 2.5" drives. They would be mounted on a SDM R4 bracket next to the power supply. This way you can run four 3.5" drives, two large 15MM 2.5" drives and one or two SSD's in the ODD bay. You can try option one as it is the cheaper route, but it is more limited as well. If you have room for a larger server that opens up more options. By 'PCIe cache' I assume they mean M.2 or U.2 NVME memory devices. They are fast, but pricey. Before you spend on more hardware, I would recommend doing some research on ESXi and running the things you have listed in a virtual environment.

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Thanks, I managed to search the internet for the SAS card and found it to be a HBA controller. Alot of new impressions and vocabular in the for me unexplored server-world! :)


Yes, M.2 NVME. Would the MS limitation of 16Gb RAM be benefitted with theese type of memory devices? Or have I misunderstood their function and they're not a sort of extended RAM?


Ys, I will do my research before spending the money! :)


Do you have any experience regarding power consumption? I found this thread from @Joe_Miner that states 41W for ML30.

Without having any practical experience it seems like they are quite alike regarding consumption?


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