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Thecus W4810 thoughts?


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Well folks, it's been a very long time since I've been on this forum, as I've been sort of busy and my trusty unRAID box has just been doing it's thing in the corner.


I picked up a Thecus W4810 in a Black Friday sale (it's still on it's way to me, super-slow shipping alert!), but I have a few questions.


I know the specs say there's a 60GB SSD for boot, but I seem to remember seeing a review of an older Thecus (W4000?) on YouTube and they remarked that the drive fitted was actually a 120GB unit.  Is this still the case?  I run Plex on my server, so would be nice to have a little more space, especially for the likes of downloads, and of course the Plex database.


If it is indeed only a 60GB SSD, I'm assuming it's easy enough to clone the drive on to a bigger SSD with the likes of Acronis?  I'd probably be looking at something like a 240GB Sandisk Extreme Pro or perhaps even a new Intel Pro 5400S 256GB I liberated out of a Dell Optiplex I use for ESXI.


Finally, I'm assuming QuickSync transcoding works on Windows via Plex - I have it working on my unRAID box by passing though the i915 driver to the Plex Docker, and it gives me the ability to transcode 1080p content with about 5-10% CPU use per stream.



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I've picked up a Thecus w5810 running Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 for my home network. 


Tech Support via Thecus in Taiwan is very challenged, good thing I don't really need it.  Too bad the don't have a presence in the US for tech support. 


So far, everything about Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 is equal to what I see at work on a full Windows Server 2012 R2 server.  I've a domain setup, Running DHCP, DNS,  Group Policy, Storage Spaces, Print Services, Remote Access, WDS & WSUS.


I installed Plex on the w5810, and set it up to record live TV off of my HD Homerun Primes, and it recorded just fine... but, when I went to stream from my Xbox 360 (two in the house as extenders for an existing Win 7 pro Media Center based DVR) and the  w5810's J1900 quad core CPU wasn't up to the task of transcoding to the xBox.  So, I uninstalled Plex on the w5810.    I  didn't see Plex taking advantage of QuickSync with the onboard Intel Video.


The Thecus w5810 officially supports 8 GB memory, it came with a 4 GB stick.  I bumped it up to 16 GB ( Transcend TS1GSK64W6H, PC3L, 12800S, 204 pin, Two (2) 8GB Modules ) and it's running 24/7 without any issues.


I'll upgrade the 60 GB SSD in it in the future, right now, no need to do so.



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