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Gen10 Registration and downloads


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Has anyone managed to get the Gen10 to register on HPE yet? Warranty linking is not accepting serial/product number combo. I've send them an email but knowing HP I'm expecting a long haul for resolution through that channel. Annoying that they're restricting everything to a linked warranty - I have near 100 Proliant servers registered to my corporate HPE login but still won't let me download a bios for the Microserver!


Looks like I got an early revision BIOS and I'd like to update before I go too much further - if anyone has a link to it hosted elsewhere that would be handy

Have to admit I didn't research too much before buying this time (I have a N40L too). Lack of ESX support is annoying but at least it give me an excuse to really get familiar with Hyper-V, something I've been avoiding for a long time.

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download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qXY9QJ6
password: 9dvg


DATE:12 OCT 2017

HPE MicroServer Gen10
Firmware version ZA10A320 is supported only on HPE MicroServer Gen10 Servers
BIOS Image File    : ZA10A320.ROM
  MD5 Checksum       : 75fe4afba1a2a4c35cd74406f42aef80
  BIOS Vendor        : American Megatrends
  Compliancy         : UEFI 2.5; PI 1.4
  Build Date         : 2017/09/20
  Project Version    : ZA10A320
Boot mode select     : UEFI
- Correct memory error of SMBIOS HCT testing.
- Update for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 certification.
- Add ACPI table BERT and HEST to report memory error. 
1.Download the zip file to the target server and unzip it.
2.Unzip to a temporary directory.
3.Double click "System_BIOS_v_ZA10A320_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows" folder and verify that the following files are extracted: 
Win folder
4.Double click "Win" folder to go into the folder.
5.Double click "BIOS.BAT" to execute the system BIOS update.
6.After the process complete, power cycle your system for BIOS update to take effect.


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My lack of Korean is hampered my download attempts but I got there in the end, many thanks

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